Our Story

Our history began many years ago in 1985. I was just out of the army, making good money, but loved to get high. I have been seeing my wife for some time, but we were not married. I grew up in a household where my mother was a witch, so I have seen many things in the supernatural. I was not very religious and believed that I am my own god. My story of conversion began at a street rally in my little neighborhood called Decoto. There was a church named Victory Outreach Hayward playing music and sharing the love of Jesus in a park that we called needles park.

That day I had a bud in one hand and a beer in the other. What surprised me that day was that I see one of my friends from the neighborhood playing music for God. That day began my journey with God. I remember the day of my rebirth. The day was July 21st, 1985, and since that day I have not done any drugs, got high, or drunk. God radically changed my life. I thank God every day for his saving grace upon my life. He has shown me mercy when I didn't deserve it and I will forever give him praise. I tell people that I went from smoking PCP to now having a PhD.

We began our ministry journey in Victory Outreach Hayward, California serving under Pastor Steve & Joesy Pineda for 11 years. God placed a call to come to Colorado Springs in 1996 and we left our house, job, friends, and family to come start Victory Worship Church. Now 20 years later we are still serving the beautiful city of Colorado Springs with a message of hope, and plan of Jesus Christ. We have 5 children and 11 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. God has been faithful all these years.